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Planted and chemistry

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:20 am
by thecoralreefer
I am sorta new to this and need some help
I have some planted tanks in my care.
They both have Sword, long and short.
and some Wisteria.
The plants seem fine to me without ant kind of extra gas or chemical assistance.
I took over this tank when it was distressed and pulled all the plants for 2 weeks to treat w/ coppersafe
this was 2 yrs ago. the Angels and tetras recovered and I replaced the plants.
This is a 55 with 2 400's on it.
I use R/o to feed this tank and come out @ 5.8 pH during the day.
I wonder why do people put Co2 in and then increase alk chemically?
Amazon basin runs low pH from what I have read.
Store's Push pH up to nutral
Asian waters run nutral so I sorta see why they do since fish adapt.
Plants make the pH drop on thier own, YES? due to a release of co2 after
photo stops and O2 stops Co2 begins, YES? Kinda creating a Calcium Reactor?
So if you put crushed coral in your substrate?
Let the pH fall to below 6?
When does this really stert to happen , Chemically
None of my local fish stores are savy enough to tell me about this.
an you guy help me out here?
It seems to me that the industry has once again set ypou up to FAIL.
This is what I see Plants in nutral water will naturally drop the pH
If you use R/O water to do water changes, the change in the tank is minimal.
if you use crushed corals in the substrate, it will slowly dislve just like a reactor
and release some calcium and other nutrients back in.
plants can grow just fine without any other asisstance than fish waist to survive.
fish emlsion is a good fertilizer
The industry feeds you with unneeded products to inflate thier pockets.

Re: Planted and chemistry

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:48 pm
by lou zello
hi!! i'm lou zello and known as "OVERSTOCKED" i have 2 tanks set up right now a 20gal and a 55gal.if you would like to see photos of them look at my old post from AUG 13th "INFO ON POSTING PHOTOS".i have been doing this for 50+yrs and am very LOW TECH.both my tanks are heavly planted,i do 25% water changes every week;without fail,and the only stuff i add are API excel and flourish every other day.the 20gal is filtered by a dual bio-wheel 400,the 55gal by 2 marineland c-220 cannisters.the 20gal has no heater and it has a blue lobster,guppies,and neons.the 55gal has 2 heaters,and approx 450 fish,shrimp,and allso snails in it.all the filters have carbon and KENT nitrate and phosphate remover in them.i only use tap water treated with STRESSCOAT for water changes and the filters are cleaned every two months one week apart from each other(the cannisters,one half of the 400,then the other half) my pH is allways 6.8 before and after a water change and all the other water tests are at "0" my hardness is allways 75ppm "GH".i'm not saying ANYONE EVER SHOULD FOLLOW MY STOCKING LEVEL only that this is what i do/use and it works for me.please feel free to ask ANY questions on this site as ALL are VERY helpfull here.

Re: Planted and chemistry

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:49 pm
by thecoralreefer
Thnks Overstocked
So am I correct in the thought that they set you up to ....
I had a Marine store called "The Coral Reefer"
I showed people how to make corals fight for space in a cube.
Or watch the pods roam when the halides went out.
Oh and a favorite is the basket star. But when the clients stop buyin cause noone's die'en,
well I just did the job the wrong way.
Now I just do service work.
Planted came out for me when I subscribed to TFH
But I see the same *^*^ goin on on this side too.
I was just told a calcium reactor works off of fermentation, by a LFS.
That a R/O unit produces Neutral pH water.
And the Amazon basin runs at Neutral pH too.
The Owner said this!
How do I get advice on the affects of plants and pH changes from a man like that?
I love low tech and find so many things can complicate life unnecissarily. :dance: