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Substrate for my new 5gal

PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:08 am
by k2_16
I got a new 5gal AGA for Christmas. I put in my Betta and 1 MTS after adding some established Eco-Complete and 4gal's of 29gal water. Anyways, I am thinking about the FINAL substrate for this tank. I'm going to have plants that don't rely onto the gravel, so it CAN be inert and I don't want to spend a LOTT of money. Here's ideas: Black Ultra-Reef Sand(basically Tahitian Moon Sand), Flourite black sand, Onyx "Sand". Any of these sound good to you? JSYK, The only gravel dependent plant is going to be Water Wisteria or Sunset Hygro. The rest are Moss Balls, Java Moss, Java Ferns and Anubias.

I am going to be adding a black background and add new equipment. When everything looks good into the tank, I'll add some pictures.

Re: Substrate for my new 5gal

PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 2:54 pm
by k2_16
Problem Resolved. I pulled out 96% of the gravel in my 10gal in which Jailbird lives in. It is a hideous color(LOL) but it works and the betta apparently doesn't mind it. Maybe later I'll switch the gravel to play sand. Since this gravel is established, I'm going to be adding 2 ADF's sometime soon. There are of course snails in this tank already and I'll be adding either a few Tangerine Shrimp or a few Amano Shrimp. I'll also be changing the light/lid combo to a glass lid and strip light.

Do you have any suggestions for gravel for my new tank?

Re: Substrate for my new 5gal

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:50 pm
by freshfish
I think any of the ones you mentioned will work well. You're looking at good plant species for your low light setup. :thumb:

Re: Substrate for my new 5gal

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:28 am
by k2_16
I think, since I'm using it on all my tanks, I'll just do Eco-Complete. There are so many choices!!

This is weird. I've never really noticed this before, but my 29gal is HUGE to this tank and my 29gal is SMALL compared to the 55gal.

I'll journal what little I have on this tank here for a while.

On, 12/27/08, I added a new piece of driftwood with an Anubias attached and put a small piece of Java Fern on it as well. I don't like the existing light because it lights REALLY well in one area and crappy in the areas it needs it. I'm short for cash though. This tank is going to have Yellow Shrimp, Tangerine, and Red Cherry Shrimp later on in addition to the MT, Pond and huge unknown snails I have(bigger than pond snails). The male betta will move to his own 2.5gal and the frogs and female betta will move into a 10gal with 8 or more Rare Danios. I'll be upgrading THAT tank to a 20gal Long.

Now, Here is my list for the time being. It'll be a while before I re-setup my 10gal:
--16x10?" Glass Lid
--AGA 16" Strip Light
--Aquaclear 20
--Water Wisteria
--Moss Balls
--Java Moss