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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 3:34 am
by Ryan Sanders
I noticed pipefish on the list of hard to keep species. I recently bougt three, but preceeding my purchase, I bought a brime shrimpery to make frequent harvesting quick and easy, gave them a cycled 10 g tank, and I have read all that I can on their care and keeping. A not too distant while ago, I would provide a fish with what I thought it needed to survive, and it would die. Then, I decided to try to breed species, and though nothing has been breeding, my losses have not been through poor husbandry, but through leaving on vacation, and shocking cichlid agression after a devider was moved. In short, I think that people who ask themselves if they can keep a fish, should instead look at if they can provide it an environment that is good enough for it to possibly breed. about restricting certain species, I think this is a terrible idea. Rather, I like the idea of MACNA certification, or something like it. Reward stores that have clean tanks, keepable fish, and helpfull staff. This forum could even make a "best stores" forum, where warnings, and good experiences are shared. Put this in a magazine, and you in affect are starting to put pressure on stores to stop practices that are detrimentall to the hobby. My local fish store will have cichlids that I have not even heard of breeding in their tanks, and knowledgable staff that can help with fish stores. Heck, the owner even went snorkling in one of the great rift lakes! Stores like this should be rewarded, but at the same time, this owner keeps giant knife fish, and "freshwater barracuda". In the end, I think hobbyists as a community need to not enact a ban, but rather a system of patronizing responsible aquarium owners. Hard to keep fish only require special care, and if that care can be given, then they sease to become difficult or a problem species.

Re: Difficult Species

PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:15 am
by KarmaFarm
Oh no, what would we do without difficult fish to stimulate our minds and enhance our reputations??

I LOOOOOVE difficult fish. The more difficult, the better. Difficult species look good on my credentials : )

But i see most people are listing all of these huge fish. There are lots of tiny fish that are very difficult too. I have several species of 2" fish that most people can't even keep alive (much less thrive and breed)! Size of the fish has nothing to do with how difficult it is to keep.

And I tend to agree that ALL fish are worthy of proper care and that the average aquarium owner does not provide proper care.

And I also agree that most species of nudibranches should be banned from being imported. These animals just CANNOT survive in aquariums. There are a couple of species that can be kept by a very advanced reefer with a very biodiverse aquarium, but he majority of nudibranches are just destined to die no matter what the aquarist does. And that just isnt fair to the nudibranch : )